Our Communities in Times of Disaster

In Puerto Rico, we have gone through so much… but most of our communities have learned to work together for the well-being of their members. Ponce Medical School Foundation has been present in every natural disaster providing help to those that need it the most. With the help of our volunteer students from the schools of Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, and Public Health we are always ready to help others and find ways to make the communities stronger.

Laura Domenech, MD

Laura Domenech, MD Director of Clinical Research Office Senior Medical Officer Ponce Medical School Foundation, Inc


I am a Pediatrician who graduated from Ponce School of Medicine, now Ponce Health Sciences University, and completed my Residency at Johns Hopkins University. I returned to the University/Ponce Medical School Foundation, Inc. after Hurricane Maria to aid in their relief efforts for Ponce and the mountains in the central part of the Island. The institution became a leader in relief efforts in southcentral Puerto Rico and I am honored to be part of the team. 

In my role as Senior Medical Officer, I lead the oversight of clinical research operations of Ponce Medical School Foundation (PMSF) and of the six affiliated hospitals in South Central Puerto Rico. I work directly with the Clinical Research Office at PMSF to help expand clinical trial capacity in southwestern Puerto Rico. With the affiliation of various Foundations, I have worked to develop a disaster preparedness warehouse where we receive and distribute medical and emergency donations around the island. In addition, I have led the communication and establishment of solar power installations in two medical locations, empowering them to provide for their communities.