Loren A. Melendez, MPH

Programmatic Coordinator

Barbara Carlo, ABA

Administrative Coordinator

Laura Domenech, MD
Laura T. Domenech, MD


Carlamarie Noboa Ramos, PhD, MS


Dr. Enid Garcia Rivera
Enid J. García Rivera, MD, MPH


Dr. Pablo Méndez Lázaro

Associate Professor of Environmental Health, University of Puerto Rico (UPR)- Medical Sciences Campus & Associate Investigator, UPR Comprehensive Cancer Center

Presentation title:
Building Equitable Climate Adaptation in the US Caribbean

Director, Climate and Health Graduate Program & Professor of Environmental and Biostatistics, University of Miami, Florida

Presentation title:
Climate and Health Research, Training and Community Outreach

Marian T. Sepulveda-Orengo, PhD

Assistant Professor Department of Basic Sciences Ponce Health Sciences University Ponce Research Institute

The Role of “Brigadas Salubristas” in the Community Response to Disasters and Public Health Emergencies

Rapid Response for Covid -19 Pandemic: A School-Based Vaccination Clinic Model Developed by Medical Students from UCC