Principal Investigator
Yohana De Jesús-Berríos

Dr. Yohana De Jesús from UPR-Medical Sciences Campus

Does the “Night-­float rotation” alter sleep/wake cycles and circadian rhythms of UPR physician residents: Modulation by chronotypes.

Co-PI: Annabell Segarra, PhD
Co-PI: José Agosto, PhD


I am an Internal Medicine specialist and a Pulmonary Disease subspecialist who dedicated my professional life to providing excellent and compassionate health care to the Puerto Rican population; teaching medical students, and supervising residents physicians at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine.

In 2017, I became a certified Coach for Talent Optimization and changed my professional priorities from clinical to professional development in Medicine. Learning how to inspire individuals to discover his/her personal mission aligned with their core values and working on their own solutions and strategies changed my life. Empowered with my new knowledge and using my 5 top Gallup strengths –Individualization, Connectedness, Belief, Strategic, and Responsibility –I proposed and developed a Coaching Program for the Internal Medicine at the UPR Medical Sciences Campus. Coaching interactions with physicians in training made me aware of differences in their responses to the same stressors. This is a fertile scenario for researching on stressors leading to physicians burnout; being sleep deprivation an important one.