Dr. Maribel Campos is a Professor at the UPR-Medical Sciences Campus

Project Title

Channeling the voice of underserved communities on nutritional insufficiency and unaddressed needs on maternal-infant health.

I am a Professor and Director of the Center for Community Outreach for Health Across the Lifespan with over 15 years of experience in clinical research. My collaborative contribution is my expertise as a Physician scientist with strong ties to the community at multiple levels of the spectrum of healthcare (patients, community, healthcare professionals, administrators, public health officials, clinical and translational researchers, and safety net system managers).

I have led the development and overseen the implementation of alternative strategies to address the effects of the series of catastrophic events that have impacted our territory, the current pandemic being the most recent.
As a scientist, I have worked to develop evidence to support disease prevention measures within the Puerto Rican population. My quest has advanced from descriptive studies relating obstetrical events to fetal and neonatal growth, clinical trials searching for opportunities to promote health both at an individual and population level (including lifestyle intervention trials since early in pregnancy), to population-based studies evaluating associations between risk factors and chronic illnesses.