The PRCTRC has established research partnerships with various community, research and clinical institutions.  The PRCTRC promotes the development of research clusters made up of researchers from the whole island and abroad.  As an initial activity, we need your help in identifying researchers who are interested in doing collaborative research and participating in team science.  To support this, we as that you access the RTRN Profiles database of the RCMI Translational Research Network and join a research cluster by completing your Researcher Profile.

By completing your RTRN Profile, your expertise is known throughout the RTRN network.  Completing your profile will also enable you to look for investigators by areas of expertise, facilitating your exploration of finding collaborators with shared research interests.

For an interactive list of PRCTRC partner organizations, click here. In each organization’s profile, you will find the contact information needed to help you reach those individuals who may help you to establish collaborations with the organization.