The Hispanic Alliance for Clinical & Translational Research in Puerto Rico (Alliance) is built upon the previously funded infrastructure known as the Puerto Rico Clinical and Translational Research Consortium (PRCTRC). The Alliance expands the scope of our successful 10-year partnership, by leveraging intellectual and physical resources of the three major academic health sciences centers on the Island:

  • University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
  • Universidad Central del Caribe
  • Ponce Health Sciences University

The Alliance is founded on our hypothesis that research-driven improvements in health outcomes require an integrated network of key stakeholders representing academia, government, community-based organizations and health care delivery systems working together in an interdisciplinary, multi-sectorial clinical-translational research model.

Our objective is to develop and support an integrated, island-wide program focused on conducting clinical and translational research across Puerto Rico that address prevalent diseases and those that affect the medically underserved population.


Goal 1

Enhance an island-wide infrastructure and human resource network, and synergize with local and national partners to conduct clinical and translational research in Puerto Rico.

Goal 2

Provide professional development activities to enhance the ability of investigators to develop competitive clinical and translational research programs with emphasis on Hispanic health needs.

Goal 3

Facilitate the generation and dissemination of knowledge to and from the bench and the community to improve health outcomes that affect Hispanic communities in Puerto Rico.

Goal 4

Catalyze and sustain the integration of trans/multi/inter disciplinary collaborations to conduct clinical and translational research within and across institutions, organizations, community networks and health programs in Puerto Rico and other IDeA states.

Hispanic Alliance for Clinical and Translational Research (Alliance) is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)– National Institutes of Health under the Award Number U54GM133807