Sandra I. Ralat, PhD, MSc

Dr. Sandra I. Ralat from UPR-Medical Sciences Campus

Principal Investigator

Project Title:

The Impact Of Loneliness And Social Isolation On The Mental Health Of The Residents Of Puerto Rico During The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Community Engagement Emphasis

I have been working on Evidence-Based Treatments for Serious Mental Illness (SMI) patients from the beginning of my clinical career. I observed the persistent relationship between serious mental illness and medical conditions: notably, the relationship between bipolar disorder and risk factors for cardiovascular disease. My current career goal is to become an independently funded researcher making contributions to the knowledge and understanding of mental illness and medical comorbidities to address and eliminate health disparities in the Latino population.

Other research projects:

  • Adherence to treatment: Development of a Scale and refining treatment manual
  • Gut microbiome, inflammatory cytokines and neurocognitive functioning in mood and psychotic disorders