Mikhail Inyushin

Mikhail Inyushin, PhD
from Universidad Central del Caribe

Principal Investigator

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I have a wide background in electrophysiology, molecular biology, and imaging. I did my physiology PhD in invertebrates, but in 1993, Dr. Stephen McMahon invited me to visit his laboratory, where I learned modern electrophysiological and imaging techniques in mammals. Since then, my interests have centered on the electrophysiological and optical properties of living tissue in mammals as well as the biophysics of solute carriers and channels. In 2004 I moved to the USA(Puerto Rico), restarted my academic careeratUCC, and recently became a USA citizen. In 2009, I was awarded an NIH Pilot Grant to study glial monoamine uptake in addiction and later an NIH SC2 Grant to study transporters of monoamines in glial cells in Parkinsonism. These projects allowed me to establish an independent research lab in our Medical School, accumulate some results, and publish (from 2009 until now) 40papers related to my field of research. In 2008, I was promoted to Assistant Professor and started teaching, and now I have graduate and undergraduate students from PR participating in my research. Two of my students have received awards from the Physiological Society and the NIH.